The Giant's Leg

Stephen Sondheim's Original Broadway Musical "Into the Woods" | Martin Beck Theatre | New York City, New York (1987)

The Giant's Leg was commissioned by the producers of Stephen Sondheim's original Broadway musical "Into the Woods." The giant from "Jack & the Bean Stalk," one of many Grimm fairy-tales embedded in Sondheim's work, remains unseen in the show itself; but his persona thunders throughout the production. "Following my love for creating physical artwork where it is least expected," Slavit says, "I thought no other symbol better."
The 42-foot boot, embedded with nasty hobnails, dangled ominously above the marquee at the Martin Beck Theater––renamed Al Hirschfeld Theater in 2003––for 764 performances and 43 previews, November 1987 to September 1989.
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